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Dynamic Neuromuscular Stability (DNS)


Dynamic Neuromuscular Stability 

Is sometimes referred to as “core stability.” Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization training (DNS) can be used to rehabilitate the injured and can be used to optimize the movement of the athlete to prevent injury. It can also be used to improve sports performance by optimizing the efficiency of motion.

DNS is a revolutionary European approach in the treatment of back pain and several neuromuscular conditions. DNS therapy is based on the neuroplasticity of the Central Nervous System and targets the cause of pain/dysfunction rather than its manifestations. DNS therapy evokes ideal movement patterns by manual stimulation of developmental reflex zones and utilizes specific exercises to improve neuromuscular control.


The therapeutic benefits become significantly expanded from previous standards of rehabilitation. Any one from infants to adolescents, chronic pain patients to athletes can all benefit from DNS therapy.

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